Here is the debut album of "The Rift", titled "Wasteland Flaming Sun". The artwork is inspired by early recordings of the music.

Artist David Cassar, listened intently to the music provided by the band with a sketchbook beside him. After providing a few options regarding the general design of the artwork, it was decided to head in the direction of two contrasting scenes.

The front cover shows a backdrop of a city, featuring high rising beams of bright red contrasting with the grey landscape. The back cover shows a barren sand dune landscape with a wandering musician carrying his guitar over his shoulder. The artist could feel a sense of being part of a great environment, based on the music. The melody driven by the piano gave the artist a jazz or bluesy style which is typical of big cities, such as New York from the 20's and 30's.

Both works are painted using oils on canvas.

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