David Cassar

I started my journey attended a fine arts academy in Florence. Thanks to the teachings of Russian masters, I was able to obtain high levels of academic drawing and painting. Upon graduating I worked as a professional artist for a few years, selling my artwork online, in public spaces and galleries. I worked on private commissions executing portraits, landscapes and some illustration work designing album covers.
After some time, I wanted to expand my artistic knowledge and decided to attend an institute of Art Restoration. I studied history of art, techniques in painting and restoration and the chemistry of the materials used in fine arts. I acquired many skills and had the opportunity to work alongside professionals in this sector. I presented my thesis at the end of the course; “L’Integrazione pittorica nell’arte moderna e contemporanea” (“Pictorial integration in modern and contemporary art”) and graduated top of my class with full marks.
I have earned the qualification of Cultural Heritage Conservation Technician and Assistant Restorer.
These are some skills that I have acquired:
  • Well-versed with the methods of photographic documentation of works of art and skill in the use of Camera Raw, Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • A profound knowledge of surface cleaning systems of fine art created with traditional and modern materials.
  • Dexterity in the conservative restoration of paintings on textile supports; relining, strip-lining, consolidation.
  • Conservative and aesthetic restoration of gilded frames
  • Aesthetic restoration and paint retouching on traditional, modern, and contemporary paintings.
  • Acquired working experience with aesthetic restoration and retouching of frescoes