Cloudy day at the lake

Cloudy day by the lake

Oil on linen


Unsure whether it would start raining, I parked my car beside the lake and set up my easel.

The glimmer of bright yellow light above the hills had caught my eye. I knew I had to try capture this scene. The colour scheme was simple, cold metallic greys and blues. The few rays of warm light creeping up behind the hills suggested a feeling of hope. In some way rendering the mood of the painting more dramatic. I tried my best to show unrest in a seemingly still environment. Perhaps some movement is perceived in the trees and brushstrokes in the clouds. 

I worked fast, paying attention to the most critical details to give the right mood to the painting. I was generally pleased with the outcome. Looking at this painting now, I feel peaceful, even though I was rushing to paint quickly at the time. It started raining as I felt that it was done.

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