Home on the Hill

Oil on linen

On a day like many, I was setting up my painting tools, admiring the view over the valley. I was situated on a hill overlooking other hills around me. Below was the valley, a thick forest filled with wildlife. I had never come across a wild creature until this day.

As I squeeze the paint from the tube, I hear something run violently up the hill. This sound brought me to a standstill as I could hear this wild animal huff and puff, but I couldn’t see it. In the next moment this huge deer turns around the tree and walks closer toward me. It must have been ten paces from me when it noticed my presence. Seeing me it vanished just as quickly as it had appeared, jumping over the rough terrain with ease.  The only thought in my head was, had it been a wolf, my brushes would be my only means of protection.

I remember this scene when I see this painting. The wild colours in the picture seem to appear to me as a result of the wild encounter I had before starting this work.

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